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Uninformative and suspicious cytological findings FNA cause a therapeutic dilemma in children with nodular goiter. Aim of the study was to determine the effectiveness of FNA in the diagnosis of thyroid nodules. FNA was performed in 611 children. In 157 operated patients aged 5 to 17 years cytological conclusion compared with the final diagnoses. According to the results of cytological analysis, uninformative findings were 55 (9%), benign — 443 (72,7%), suspicious — 74 (12%) and malignant — 37 (6%). The results of comparative analysis of cytological findings and final histological diagnoses, FNA with uninformative, benign, malignant findings consistent corresponded histologically malignancy in 0/12 (0%), 1/64 (1%), 9/44 (20%) and 37/37 (100%) cases, respectively. Application of FNA properly identifies therapeutic tactics of goiter in children in the preoperative period, and helps to avoid repeated inappropriate surgical interventions for benign thyroid nodules.

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thyroid cancer; fine-needle aspiration biopsy; nodular goiter; children; diagnosis

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